You Don’t Always Need Writing Prompts

Let Your Subject Find You! Do you ever sit down to write and there is nothing there? Nothing. Not writer’s block or procrastination. Just. Nothing. Even your writing prompts don’t work. That happens to me when I’m trying too hard. When I am writing for the process of writing; when I am doing it out […]

Block Writer’s Block

What happens when you sit down to write and your mind just isn’t forming sentences–or even words? Do you stare at the empty page, watching the cursor blink relentlessly–mocking your inability to put words to page? Do you walk away? Do something else? Wait for inspiration to arrive? I used to do these things until […]

Reconnect Your Desire

Do you ever wake up to discover your desire to write or publish has waned? Are you caught up in the day-to-day doldrums of this sometimes-solitary lifestyle of being an author? Are you stuck in a rut and repeating bad habits because you’ve lost connection with your passion and desire? Here’s a cool coaching exercise […]