Writing for the Senses

A Multi-Sensory Experience: How would you describe the picture to the left to someone who couldn’t see it? I have this decorating book that I love; it talks about decorating for all of the senses. Most people, if they decorate, decorate only for the eyes concentrating on how things look. But a good decorator will tell you […]

Block Writer’s Block

What happens when you sit down to write and your mind just isn’t forming sentences–or even words? Do you stare at the empty page, watching the cursor blink relentlessly–mocking your inability to put words to page? Do you walk away? Do something else? Wait for inspiration to arrive? I used to do these things until […]

Writing Tips from Photographers?

Today I thought I’d  share some writing tips from a great resource: The newsletter I get from PhotoShelter.com always has so many things that apply to the business of writing! We get it because my husband is a photography hobbyist, but I always read it because I always learn something (see tip #4 below!) I […]