Before I hired Alane I was directionless and uncertain. Working with her helped me crystalize my mission, build my platform, face off my fears and put together a plan to make my book a success. Now, when I see my book in print, I have to pinch myself. I loved the process of creating the book with her and my illustrator every bit as much as I love the end result. I learned so much, I met great people and I grew unbelievably!
Asael Book

P.D. HallRichmond, VA
Asael and The Grand Orange Effect


Before I started working with my publishing coach there were two big challenges I was facing: Managing my time effectively to write and publish, and understanding how to market and promote my book. I also had another book I published on my own and it was not selling well. I finally said enough is enough and I found Alane through a friend who knew I wanted to produce a quality manuscript and sell more books.

My favorite thing about working with Alane was our weekly phone calls where we would brainstorm ideas about how to make everything about my book better. She helped me make plans and do the things I needed to do to reach my goals. Working with Alane as my coach, I improved my manuscript and I learned all about marketing and promoting my book while discovering tips to improve my time management. But most of all, Alane helped me gain confidence about being a published author with a quality book. I learned so much that I wish I had enlisted her help with my first book!

Working with Alane as my publishing coach definitely moved my writing and publishing to the next level. We produced a quality manuscript and a book I am really proud of. I’ve been doing radio interviews and book signings and feeling like a real published author!

Chosen by Smith
Milton K. Smith

San Antonio, TX



Writing and publishing a book has been a lifelong dream, but one I thought would not likely happen. Then along came a big life challenge and a journal which transformed into a book. Only problem was, I’m not a computer genius, not by a long shot! Fortunately, Alane is. I met her during a teleconference which she did for a local writer’s group in my city. The manuscript, which had languished for some months unattended, suddenly demanded to be polished into proper publishing format. I could put the story in order, but it took Alane’s expertise to design the beautiful cover, format the book into an appealing form, and convert it into files which the various e-formats and on-demand publishing companies could use.

Furthermore, Alane enrolled me in her “Mater Promotion Plan” to teach me how to marketing my book once it was available for sale. I feel like I’ve earned a degree in marketing and managing a wide range of publishing tools and social media venues for authors and book promotion. Had I not hired Alane to coach me through the sometimes intimidating waters of publishing and promotion, I’m sure my book would still be a manuscript in a pretty flowered notebook. Alane is an encourager, a teacher, a cheerleader and publishing guru all wrapped into a bundle of energy and ideas! Thank you, Alane, for bringing me into the 21st century of publishing and book promotion in the brave new world of self-publishing. You turned my manuscript into a beautifully designed and printed book. Each time I sell a book, I’m grateful that Alane helped transform a dream into reality.  I can hardly wait to start book two!

come monday mustain


Carolyn Mustian
Richmond, VA

Come Monday…My Journey on The Pink Ribbon Road


Getting your book published can be a daunting task.  Trust me; I’ve gone both the independent and publisher routes.  The question this time around was how can I get a quality product out as soon as possible?

That’s when I was steered toward Alane. After consulting with her, and doing my own research on the services she offered, I felt both comfortable and confident she could help. Her expertise and easy-to-work-with style made the whole publishing process enjoyable. Alane has a unique way of encouraging/motivating you so that your accomplishments are worth the effort.

In short, I highly recommend Alane for all your author coaching/publishing needs.

caverns Bazow


Tom Bazow
St. Louis, MO
Gedden’s Armor, The Legacy of the Doors, The Concealed Caverns



Before I hired Alane, I had taken a writer’s course, which gave me a great start, but lacked the expertise and accountability which comes along with having a real mentor who has successfully written, published and promoted their own book. Experience is priceless.

Fortunately for me, I met Alane at the perfect time. I could have tried to self-publish on my own and paid thousands more in time, software, mistakes, and over-paying for services. But Alane’s expertise made the process easier and more affordable. Alane is a great value, you’ll get many more times the services than you pay for. I know I personally saved thousands of dollars.

Thanks to Alane, I achieved my goal of becoming a self-published author. What I didn’t know was that was just the end of the beginning. Now comes the tougher job of promoting myself and my book.  Fortunate for me (and for you if you hire Alane), is that you get the complete package with Alane. She doesn’t leave you when you need help the most–but instead expertly guides you through developing your own book promotion plan.

Waging War on Debt Sheridan


Steve Sheridan
San Antonio, TX

Waging War on Debt


I would like to say I have had the best experience working with Alane. Not only did she understand where I was coming from as a military spouse she is also a caring and understands as a published author herself what you are going through. Before I hired Alane I was still confused on how I wanted to publish and not really understanding what all would be involved and to be honest not sure if my idea was such a great one. Alane helped me understand the different processes and guided me to the best one for me, assuring me of the “greatness and necessity” of my concept. Her deep understanding of the publishing world made my choices so much easier and knowing she would be handling it all for me was a blessing. I was very scared to undertake this great step of being an author but with Alane’s help, caring nature and willingness to talk me through different areas and guide through others, (but still leaving all decisions to me) was wonderful.

After working with Alane, one of the biggest things I have learned is how the publishing world works and the different phases; and the best thing I have learned is confidence. Now, after working with Alane, I have the confidence and understanding to publish and promote my own material. I encourage any “how to be” and “current” authors to work with Alane. She is a master at what she can help you to create. It takes patience and creativity to do what editors do and that is Alane. I look forward to future endeavors with Alane.

Operation Military Resources Suchek

Kimberly Suchek

Lansing, MI

OPERATION: Military Resources


Alane Pearce helped me publish my book. That’s true, but it’s only part of the story.

Anyone who seriously sets out to write a book discovers somewhere along the way that putting thoughts onto paper and putting a book into the hands of a reader are two very different things. In fact, they are almost opposites, requiring different sets of skills and even different ways of thinking. One is an art, the other is a science. Unless you’re Leonardo de Vinci, putting these two together inside one mind just isn’t natural.

I am a writer. I love the creative side of book making. Crafting a good story gives me energy. The business end, however, is sort of like doing taxes, which my wife does. So during those months when the story living in my imagination was being crafted into a novel on my laptop, I relished its creation. I simply did not think about what would happen upon its completion. When that day finally came, I had to make a decision. I could tuck my novel safely away in my drawn, showing it only to a few carefully selected people. Or I could release my creation into the world so others could receive the same joy it gave to me. But what does a writer know about publishing?

Enter Alane Pearce. When I first shared my story with Alane, she read it and said some encouraging things. That didn’t surprise me because Alane is an encourager by nature. But then we started talking about turning my story into a book that many people could enjoy. That’s when I started to be amazed. While keeping the encouragement tap wide open, she started laying out a plan like she knew what she was talking about. The plan involved editing my manuscript, formatting it for both print and electronic publication, setting up a business to manage future sales, establishing a presence on the Internet, using social media to create interest, and sketching out a full yet doable promotion campaign. To put it bluntly, the plan was far more than this writer’s mind could hold. I was intimidated. But something about Alane kept me from retreating to the comfortable familiarity of my writing. That was in May. On August 15, we announced to the world that my novel was available.

So, what was it that Alane did besides help me publish a book? She taught me the business side of book making in a way that made sense. She enabled me to do something that four months earlier I would have thought was impossible. She took a writer and turned him into a publisher. How did she do it? Alane is an amazing blend of knowledge, experience, and heart. She knows the ins and outs of publishing, what works, why it works, and how to do it. And she has a knack for taking huge ideas and breaking them down into manageable pieces. But that’s not all. The reason she works so well with writers is because she is a writer herself; a good one. She has that creative side in herself and therefore naturally respects it in others. Alane gets the job done, but never at the expense of the story.

There you have it. Alane Pearce is that rare combination of head and heart that enables her to move seamlessly between science and art and come up with something wonderful.



Michael E. Gunter

Richmond, Virginia

A Life Not Wasted, BLACKWELL and Defying Gravity



Before I met Alane my book was a dream. She took me from the idea to the product. Actually holding my dream. I had poems in my personal journals that could be helpful for others to read. Emotional Catharsis was one of my intentions for offering my personal journey for others to experience. My Counseling office could be “on the road.” People would ask me for help with their friend or family member who hadn’t gotten out of bed for 3 years. And they were in another state. Or, a teammate who showed signs of an Eating Disorder; how to tell this person about me. My coffee table, multi-sensory experience called Beyond Beautiful: A Journey of Hope and Discovery in Photo and Verse could be a gift for a person who may never step into my therapeutic space.

Since working with Alane I have started to think of myself as a writer. This was not in my Self Image before. I have something to contribute to the world. She helped me see another way to meet people where they are. The written word is a powerful thing and I have a part in touching the soul of a person in existential crisis. I will always remember the first day of being an author. I was texting Alane and asked if I was an Author now. She texted back that I am a “Published Author!” Talk about increasing my self-identity!! Now I feel all tingly when I see someone experience my book. Sometimes people cry when they look at it!


Valerie Montgomery
Colorado Springs, CO
Beyond Beautiful: A Journey of Hope and Discovery in Photo and Verse


Alane Pearce has been my mentor, teacher, critic and encourager ever since I started writing. As the leader of the writing group I attend, she had the innate ability to keep our meeting on track and yet give each of us in the group the time and attention we really needed.

Alane’s encouragement is constant. Her critiques are gentle and yet go right to the heart of the changes needed. She really knows her way around words, phrases and sentences. Alane can express a thought in a concise and insightful way. I often found myself saying, “I never thought of it that way.” I don’t think she’s ever made a suggestion for change that I rejected.

Most of the writing that I am doing is about growing up in foster care. There is a part of that story that is most painful. It has to do with sexual abuse I experienced. When I finally faced actually writing about it, I found it very difficult. I argued with God about doing it, and He would not let me avoid it. With lots of prayer, I was able to get it down on paper. This was something I knew would be difficult to take to our writers group. I called Alane and asked her if she would read it for me. I was filled with fear and anxiety at the very idea of anyone reading this story. However, I knew I could trust Alane with this very private information. She did not let me down. She gave me her full attention and then made a few gentle suggestions. When we finished, I was no longer fearful or anxious. I had complete peace about what I had written. I feel totally comfortable including it in my story.

Alane has a sweet spirit coupled with the strength needed to face difficult times. Just read her book, “Notes From The Margins” and you will readily see what I mean.

Carole Klock

Colorado Springs, Colorado