The Gift of Creativity

Are You Using It?

creativityDid you know that writing doesn’t come easily to everyone? Some people really struggle with the written word; while with others, great stories flow from the keyboard to the page almost magically. I believe that when telling stories or writing anything comes fairly easily, then you have a gift.

People who have a gift–spiritual or talent-wise–generally don’t realize that what comes easily for them is very challenging for others. Sometimes I wonder if this makes us undervalue our gift. Do we, perhaps, take our writing for granted just because it is easier for us?

How do you use, understand and develop your gift of writing?

A gift is something that is given–in the case of a talent it is something given for you to use and share with others. Some would argue (including me) that you have been given the gift of creativity, which is expressed through your writing, so you can help others understand life and live a better one. This can be accomplished through both fiction and nonfiction writing.

Fiction stories, even if they are just written for the value of their entertainment, usually have a theme or a lesson tied in with the plot. Sometimes they come with a forewarning of how things might be if we don’t change our ways. Sometimes they inspire us to be better and reach new heights.

Nonfiction books teach us. They inspire us. They make us understand that we are not alone in our struggle with life.

These messages make an impact–usually for good–on the world around you.

The gift of creativity is not something you can keep in a drawer or a file folder. If you are writing and never intend to share your story to make an impact other lives, then you are wasting the gift you’ve been freely given.

I know, that sounds harsh because it is a little scary to put your writing out there for the world to see. You hear little voices in your head that say, “What if someone doesn’t like it?” or “What if people criticize it?” Or there is the question that used to plague me: “What do I have to say that hasn’t already been said?”

Replace those doubts with these questions: “What if my story will help someone?” or “What if my story could have made an impact, but I never shared it?”

Offer your gift to the world–for it was given freely to you. Share what you know; help and inspire others. Make an impact. Unwrap it, study it, employ it. Don’t be afraid of it–rejoice in it for it is uniquely yours to share.

That is how you should treat your gift of writing.

What will you do in the next year to share your gift with the world around you?

Let me know below and I will encourage you in the months to come!