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What Is a Publishing Coach?

question markA Publishing Coach is simply someone who can walk you through the steps of book publishing (and sometimes the writing process too) to make it easy, understandable and manageable. A coach can usually help you save time and money because of their industry knowledge and expertise. A coach will almost always save you angst because they can help you work through problems and emotions that may arise during the writing and publishing process. (In other words, a coach will help talk you down off the roof when the process becomes confusing or overwhelming.)

As a publishing coach, I use my experience in publishing as well as my degree in journalism and marketing/PR to help you write, publish and promote a book that you are proud of–one that looks and sounds like the professional you are.

There are many facets to a publishing coaches job. Here are a few of the highlights:

A Publishing Coach Will…

  • Help you complete your manuscript to make it a good read and ready for publication.
  • Advise you on publishing and distribution options–helping you avoid traps and wasted time while finding your target reader and helping you effectively reach them. This includes self publishing or traditional publishing options.
  • Help you navigating the “business” of writing to protect your personal assets, keep the IRS happy and maintain your profitability.
  • Answer your questions about copyright registrations, intellectual property, manuscript ownership and any other questions that come up during our coaching time together.
  • Help you set up your “platform” for promoting your book–to include online and offline opportunities.
  • Assist you in developing a professional presence including building your press kit and website/blog–because you want to look like the professional you are!
  • Even help you through the touchy-feely parts of publishing that deal with fears, self doubt, and overwhelm–I know what feelings you will go through and when because I’ve been there and helped dozens of clients get through them as well!

PLUS! I go the extra mile and…

  • Help you with the technical aspects of designing and laying out your book for a high-quality finished product in print and digital formats (most coaches won’t even go there).
  • Help you create a personal and targeted marketing and promotion strategy for your book because no one publishes a book with the hope that it won’t be read! This includes access to my proprietary Best-Selling Author Plan which helps my author/clients sell more books to their target readers faster and easier (without  sounding like they are begging people to buy).

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