The Power of a Letter

Imparting Your Wisdom in Words

letterI was moved by a story online during the storms bashing the East Coast through the past year…

A woman was stranded on the highway and feared she would freeze to death before someone found her. To bide her time, and because she was thinking she was dying, she wrote a letter to her family. In it she shared her love and her life advice.

Three thoughts came to mind as I read this story.

  1. The Power of the Hand Written Word Written words are powerful–they have an obvious lasting impression. A hand-written letter can be unfolded and read over and over. The letters in the words each show the pain or the joy in a personal way by how they are scribed. In our age of technology I fear that the hand-written word will be lost one day and with it we will lose the personal touch of relishing the emotion that is conveyed in script.
  2. The Importance of Imparting Wisdom When we are on our deathbed, real or perceived, it seems right to share what we’ve learned with those we love. Because we know we won’t be there when our loved one needs us, we want to give them a word of wisdom that they can hold on to. These words are important–both to us and to those who receive them. But it brings me to my next thought…
  3. Why do we wait until we are dying to write them? Everyone has learned something important. Each of us has experienced joy or pain and have a story in it; a story that will help someone else celebrate, or grieve, or learn something important. Why must these lessons be left to a deathbed conversation?

Don’t you have something wonderful or horrible that happened in your life? Can you see how that experience might help someone else along the road?

Don’t wait for your deathbed! Think about what you might say if you thought you were at the end of your life–and share it today!

What would you say? Share below or on my Facebook page--and let’s encourage one another to say what is important. Today.