Connect Online in 15 Minutes a Day

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Social Media has become a valuable mainstay in any book promotion strategy. And while you shouldn’t sell your book directly on social media more than once or twice a month, you should remember to engage with your online community weekly, if not daily.

It doesn’t really take long if you stick with the task you are doing and save the rabbit trails for when you have more time to be online.

Here’s what you should be doing daily on your top three social media sites:

1. Check in and see what has been posted to you or about you. Reply, comment, and thank the person for engaging or sharing. (5 minutes)

2. Check out what some other people are posting or saying about writing, reading, or your genre. Comment where you can and share what is appropriate with your audience. (about 5 minutes)

3. Engage with other people by commenting on their posts or in forums. (4 minutes)

4. Take your last minute and share unique content on your site; a quote, an idea, or something about yourself.

And there you have it; four ways to easily connect with others online.

Do you have any tips for connecting with your fans? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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