What is Your Amazon Author Ranking?

amazon author central

Do you have a profile on Amazon’s Author Central? If you have a book on Amazon.com, you should have an author profile page–it is free, it gives you more exposure, makes you more easily found in searches, and makes you look like a professional author.

I received an email recently from Amazon Author Central that makes me believe that keeping your Amazon Author Central profile updated is even more important–especially if you author more than one book. Amazon Author Central has just added an Amazon Author Ranking algorithm that creates a list of best selling authors overall and within a selection of major genres.

Even if you aren’t in the list of top authors, you can see your personal Amazon Author Rank trended over time on your Author Central Dashboard. This is a great tool to help you determine how your marketing and promotion is working for or against your sales. Simply keep track of your marketing efforts and compare your efforts to your Author Rank trended over time. If you have taken my Master Promotion Plan(tm) training, you will know that I am a big advocate of reviewing an adjusting your promotion plan so you can be more effective with your time and effort.

So here is your coaching assignment for the week:

  • Set up or update your Amazon Author Central Profile
  • Start tracking rises and falls in your Amazon Author Rank
  • Compare those stats with your promotion efforts to determine what is working for you

What do you think of this feature of Amazon Author Central? Share your thoughts in the comments below.