Why I Hired a Coach

“I’m a smart woman and I should be able to do this without feeling so overwhelmed all the time!”

That’s what I’ve been telling myself every week for the last year. But by Friday my desk was a mess, and I felt like I spent the whole week being busy with nothing to show for it.

And then I thought about Sage.

businesswoman draws business goal diagram
Sage is a really cool productivity coach I met at a seminar I attended a few years ago. I’ve watched her business grow and change in terrific ways over the past two years. I love how she runs her business, and she is just a really awesome person to know.

A few months ago, she was launching a new program about how to start or better manage a business. I was intrigued with what she was offering, so I set up a phone call to ask her a few questions about it.

While we were talking, we discussed about a few of the other “business organizing” programs we had both taken. They were group programs where you could work at your own pace by watching videos and working through worksheets. (Which is a pretty good way to convey information to people who want to learn from you.) And while these courses were all filled with excellent information, they were missing something very important. Accountability.

It dawned on me while I was talking to Sage that if I simply took her online course, all of her great information would just end up in a notebook. Then I would tuck it away with the other classes I’ve taken while I wait to have some spare time to implement all the great ideas.

But here’s the problem: by the time I have the time to implement the great ideas, I’d have to go back and relearn those great ideas. And who has time for that?!

That’s when I realized, I mean really realized, the value of working live and in person one-on-one with a coach.

While I haven’t doubled my income like some of Sage’s clients have, she is helping me prioritize some back end things that need to be done to create a great business for myself that will soon meet my financial goals.

And while I haven’t had hundreds of clients knocking down my door (yet), she is helping me develop some tools I need to help my perfect author/client find me.

It’s been great having someone to bounce ideas off of. And I love how she can give me a new perspective on even simple things that have bogged me down in the past. She has been able to help me improve my business in some specific ways that if left unchecked, would hold me back from success. (This also helps you because you will get better programs from me!)

Why am I telling you all this?

Mostly because I’m excited to finally have a plan–and having a coach made that happen!

I’m done with being overwhelmed by all of the “To Dos” of a business. I’m thrilled to know the next steps I have to take to reach my goals and make my dreams come true.

And I have to admit that it’s been nice not to have to figure out those steps on my own.

What about you? Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the things you have to do to get your story written, published and promoted?

In the comments below, share one thing about the self-publishing process that you wish you knew how to do, and what you are doing to learn about it.

P.S. If you are looking for a great productivity coach, Sage is your girl! You can learn more about my awesome friend at SageGrayson.com.