Writing for the Senses

A Multi-Sensory Experience:

cold snow

How would you describe the picture to the left to someone who couldn’t see it?

I have this decorating book that I love; it talks about decorating for all of the senses. Most people, if they decorate, decorate only for the eyes concentrating on how things look. But a good decorator will tell you that life is a five-sense experience–you also need to consider touch, taste, smell and sound when you decorate a room.

I believe it is the same for writing. When you write, you want to write for the senses. Don’t stop with how a scene looks. Describe how it feels. How it smells. How it sounds. What does the air taste like?

Today I am finishing up a cruise in Alaska–and I have taken a notebook with me to fill it with the sights, sounds, smells and feel of the experience. Not only will that help me relive it later, but it will help my readers live it with me when I write about the experience.

This week in your writing stop and consider the senses; then each time you describe something in your book, strive to describe it from a different sense–or from more than one sense!

When you apply this tip to your writing you will find your descriptions will come alive. Your readers will appreciate that!