Don’t Quit on Your Writing Goals

Three Simple Ways to Meet Your Writing Goals This Year


Well here it is!

This is the week where you are either going to make your New Year’s Resolutions stick…or not. 

Statistically, gyms get emptier this week every year. But it’s not only the dieters who give up on themselves and their goals after three weeks. Anyone is susceptible to losing their motivation to stick with their goals.

Which will it be? Will you carry on and have a kick-butt kind of year? Or will you quit because it’s too hard?

If you find you are having a hard time reaching your writing goals–or even making writing a priority in your life, here are three things to think about as you consider whether you will or will not be a writer this year.

1. Manage Your Attention, Not Your Time

Time is not always the issue when we aren’t meeting our goals–we all have the same 24 hours in a day. What it comes down to is looking at what we choose to let grab our attention.

Some things demand our attention–and that is fine–children must be fed, bosses must be appeased, pets must be walked.

But some things steal our attention away from our writing. You don’t have to read your Twitter or Facebook feed every five minutes. And guess what? Those kitty and puppy videos will still be there after you’ve written your 750 or 1000 words for the day.

I have a friend who is a professional organizer and she swears by this one tip: DO NOT check your email or your social media until the most important task in your day has been completed. This one act will keep you focused and on track.

How is your attention sabotaging your writing? Figure this out and you will start meeting your goals.

2. Get Out of Your Dream World

Did you go gung ho with your writing goals and give yourself an unreasonable number of words to write each day? Sometimes I do that. I think, Oh sure, I can write 2000 words every day and complete my novel in four months.

That is a lofty dream.

I mean, I could write 2000 words every day, if I didn’t have a teenage boy, a husband, a dog, friends, a business, and my health and household to care for.

When you set a goal so lofty and large, you are living in a dream world and setting yourself up for failure. The first time you miss the mark because you caught a cold or had to work late, you are doomed. And once you feel doomed you will most likely give up on yourself.

Sorry. Just being real here.

What if instead, you amended your goal?

Strive to write 500 words four times a week instead of 2000 every day. That seems doable. Easy even. Reachable. Maybe you won’t write the novel in four months, but you will be well on your way. And, if you really get on a roll or have a week with fewer obligations and you write more than 500 words on your writing day, you are a rock star! In this scenario, you set yourself up for success.

3. Get Some Air

No, not an iPad Air.

Real air.

Walk, run, bike, breathe.


Notice the world around you. Ponder the frozen pond. Enjoy a clear blue sky. Feel the sun on your face.

Go places, do things…watch…LIVE!

“In order to write about life, first you must live it.”

–Ernest Hemingway

Sitting at a computer every day will not inspire you to write more or write better. It will drain you. Deplete you. Bore you.

You will only write when you feed the creative. When you wake up that divine artist within you with wonder and joy, the creative will surface and you will be inspired.

So what’s it going to be?

Are you going to be the 98% who quit…or will you be that 2% who takes the action they need to take to stay on track and do what they were made to do?

Will this be the year you finally tell that amazing story in you? You know the one…

I can’t wait to see it!