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Publishing 101 Step 7: 

Believe in Yourself!

[The Business of Writing]

Publishing 101 logoEverything I know about Indie Publishing in a Step-by-Step Plan

So this wraps up the initial steps of Publishing 101: The Business of Writing.

I’ve tried to show you how to prepare the paperwork side of the equation by encouraging you to make it official by starting an LLC. I’ve helped you understand how you need to think about the people, the time and the money that you have available and how to make the most of it. I’ve given you and idea of where you should hire a professional, and where you can save some money.

I’m hoping that I have helped you see that if you are serious about becoming an author, these steps will make everything so much easier down the road.

Next we are going to talk about your manuscript simply because you don’t have a book without a manuscript.

But before we go there, I’d like to take a few minutes to encourage you. Many of my author/clients are a little overwhelmed when they first undertake this journey to a printed (or electronic) book. There are many new things to learn and many different things to think about.

Sometimes it is like looking at all the pieces of a big puzzle strewn about the table. Thinking about getting all those pieces together at once can make a person turn around and walk out of the room. Where do you start?

Well, by following the steps I lay out in Publishing 101, it’s like separating the pieces of the puzzle into edge pieces, colors, and even shapes. The Business of Writing was like the edge pieces. Once you get those pieces together you have a framework from which to work. You know where the boundaries are and you have a better idea of what might come next.

What I tell my author/clients is this:

Becoming a published author is a process. Sometimes it will be easy, and sometimes it will be overwhelming. Remember that, as your coach, I am here to help you process not only the work, but the emotions that come with publishing your book. I commit to helping you create a successfully published and promoted book–and try to keep you organized in the meantime!

Publishing a book (the right way) takes a lot of time and energy up front. You may need to do the work in the wee hours of the night or on weekends, but please make and take the time to do it. I cannot help you be successfully published and promoted unless you put in the time to do the tasks that will help you get there.

You deserve to have people read your book! And I know that this plan works…If you put in the time during the months we are working together I know that people will hear about and buy your book–which will make you a successful author.

This may seem overwhelming right now because it is new. Give it some time to settle, browse around your coaching portal, pray, and let it all sink in. I’m here to give you the publishing process in manageable steps so trust me and trust the process!

You can do it!


  1. Review the Business of Writing steps (1-6) in the Publishing 101 Blogs and do any undone tasks. Make sure you have an LLC in the works and a plan for your time, money, goals and resources.
  2. Take some time to encourage yourself. Think about why you want to publish your book. Consider what it will mean to your reader. Now write down three reasons why you must publish your book this year–for yourself, for your message, for your readers–whatever reasons resonate the most with you. Post it somewhere that you will see it every day.

Now it’s your turn:

Which parts of The Business of Writing do you find the most daunting? The easiest? Why? Comment below!


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