Writing Tips from Photographers?

Today I thought I’d  share some writing tips from a great resource: The newsletter I get from PhotoShelter.com always has so many things that apply to the business of writing! We get it because my husband is a photography hobbyist, but I always read it because I always learn something (see tip #4 below!)

I encourage you to read the whole newsletter because they have great information on the following ideas:

  • Tip #1: pursue your passion
  • Tip #2: get the word out
  • Tip #3: improve your product
  • Tip #4: stay educated

I have to say that #1 seems like the easiest thing to do–but sometimes we get distracted or bogged down in the blogging/promoting or the researching and we forget to write. I am a passionate advocate for author blogging and book promotion–and I often tell you so–but I also want to remind you that you are a writer and writers write.

What have you written today that gets you closer to your publishing goals?

Take a minute to read the Photoshelter newsletter, and take notes while you do. Then, pick one tip to apply this week and get to it!

And then get back to writing!