You Don’t Always Need Writing Prompts

Let Your Subject Find You!

Do you ever sit down to write and there is nothing there?


Not writer’s block or procrastination.

Just. Nothing.

Even your writing prompts don’t work.

That happens to me when I’m trying too hard. When I am writing for the process of writing; when I am doing it out of habit. That habit, while good for meeting your goals, can be a creative writing killer.

So how can you find something great to write about?

Sometimes you can’t.

ideaSometimes you have to let your subject find you. This is different from waiting for inspiration. It is different from finding a muse.

Letting your subject find you has a little bit to do with writing what you know…but it is deeper than that. Writing what you know is the surface of letting your subject find you.

Letting your subject find you means you are observant about what is happening around you. That you deeply ponder the meaning of the things that cross your path. That you consider alternatives to the way things are. That you ask, “What if…”

When you relax and let go of the chore of writing, you have the time to let your subject find you. It is here where the magic happens. It is here were you write a story like To Kill a Mockingbird,  or The Great Gatsby. And you can only do it when you let the world around you–the things that happen and the things that don’t happen–inspire your creativity.

But you have to be ready. Because once your subject finds you, you will be enamored. More than that…you will be over-taken. It will take your breath away and consume your thoughts. It will drive your conversations during the day and your dreams at night. It will haunt you and taunt you until you have put it on paper.

And then you will be fulfilled.

So today, step back. Take a breath. Look around. What story is waiting to find you?

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