Your Writing Day

I love Fridays!

writing day

Friday is my writing day.

It’s the day I take my coaching hat off, turn off the phone and sit with my laptop (usually away from from regular desk) and I create. (Today it’s on the couch with my laptop and dog on his blanket!)

I write stories. I devise devotionals. I work on outlines for the five books I want to write. Sometimes I also write my blogs, my newsletter articles, my Publishing Club content.

I used to let other things push over into my writing day. I’d use that time to catch up on my work, to layout books, to clean my house. Until a few months ago.

A few months ago I decided I was important.

Important enough to take seriously.

Important enough to set aside some time each week to work on my passion. My goals. My purpose.

So now I take time every Friday to work on my writing.

Some people tell me that they don’t have time for a writing day. I tell them that we all make time for what we perceive is important to us.

So my question for you this Friday is this: Is your writing really important to you?

If it is, when are you making the time to write?

Do you set aside time each week to write? Which day is your writing day?

Then do you actually write during that time, or do you let other things steal away that special time?

My encouragement to you today is this: you are a writer!

You have a story in your soul that the world needs to hear. You have to means to get that story out of your head and onto the page in a way that will resonate with someone. You could change someone’s life! You could entertain them, make them think more deeply, or encourage them on their journey.

If you will only do it!

Coach’s Note: If you don’t have a regular writing time, I encourage you to find it. It could be a few hours a day or two every week, or it could be a few minutes every day. (You’d be surprised how much you can really write in 20 minutes if you just sit down and do it!)

Accountability can help you stay on track–so feel free to post below the time or day that you will set aside to write from here on out. Then we can encourage one another to stay on track!